What is Super Caps?
Super Cap Xtreme is a herbal product sold as a dietary supplement. Super Cap is a natural energy booster and provides you with a better stamina and a clear mind. Super Caps gives you that extra dose of physical and mental energy.

Super Cap Xtreme is being used in the party and dance scene as a partypil, it has roughly the same effect as XTC but in a milder form and without the strong peaks. You do experience the empathetic feeling which makes you more connected to other people, it gives pleasurable sensations and shivers on the skin, head, and rest of the body. Super Cap Xtreme provides more energy, stimulates the brain and the central nervous system so that your perceptions, like seeing, feeling and smelling are enhanced. You can party all night long with Supercaps.

Many sporters use Super Cap during exercise. Extra energy will take away the feeling of fatigue and encourage a better physical performance, it is not illegal but at some official games you may be tested for this substance.

Losing Weight
Super Cap Xtreme is also very well suited for quickly losing some unnecessary pounds. Because it limits your apetite and stimulates the fat processing, you will quickly lose pounds without feeling drained and weak.

Many people use Super Cap Xtreme because of the empathetic feeling, and in combination with the extra energy, sex will be experienced with more intensity. Quick recovery and a healthy dose of energy make it possible to enjoy each other several times within 24 hours.