Using Super Cap Xtreme
Take 1 capsule with a sufficient amount of water. In combination with guarana or caffeine, the effect of Super Cap Xtreme will be enhanced. The effect lasts between 6 to 10 hours

Ingredients per capsule
Green tea (contains 400 mg cafeine), Cacao (contains 8% Theobromine), Cayenne, L-Fenylalanine, Jabrorandus, NADH. This product gives natural energy. It is a dietary supplement. It is not a medicine. 1 capsule = 0.95 grams

As partypil
Before you go out, take 1 capsule Super Caps Extreme. During the entire night, you will be extra fit and you will be less tired. You will experience pleasurable sensations and shivers on your skin, head, and the rest of your body.

To lose weight.
In the morning, take 1 capsule Super Caps Extreme. This will make you lose that hungry feeling and your desire for snacks will be lessened. The Super Caps Extreme increases the speed of your metabolism and this will stimulate the processing of calories in your body.

Take 1 capsule Super Caps Extreme 30 minutes before the training. During the training, you will be bursting with energy and where others have to give up because of fatigue, you can go on without any problems. This will further develop your muscles and your condition will improve tremendously.

During sex
Take 1 capsule Super Caps Extreme together with your partner in the beginning of the evening. Because of the empathic feeling in combination with the extra energy, the sex will be a lot more intense.